The Hygienic - New London, CT

The Hygienic - New London, CT
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On the corner of Bank and Golden streets in New London, Connecticut is a lovely building built in 1844.  It was a captain's home with a grocery store on the ground floor.  A few more businesses came and went after that.  From 1919 to 1985, it was known as The Hygienic Restaurant a popular spot open 24 hours.  When the restaurant closed, the building remained vacant for years.  Later, preservationists and the local arts community saved it from demolition.  The building was restored to become Hygienic Art, Inc., a center of the fine arts community.  Next door are the Hygienic Sculpture Gardens and Outdoor Theater Art Park.  Mini prints of the Hygienic are $10 each.  They are 4X6" in a 5X7" mat.  Also available in 5X7" [8X10" mat] for $25, 8X10" [11X14" mat] for $45.

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